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Aging & Your Cat - Why Six Month Wellness Exams Make Sense

Cat Close Up

Did you know that by age one, a cat has already aged to the equivalent of 24 human years? By the time they are 4, a cat is already the equivalent of 45 in human years! So when it comes to their health care, a visit to their veterinarian should be more than once a year.

Because they age so rapidly, major health changes can occur in as little as three months. The risk of cancer, diabetes, hyperthyroidism, obesity, arthritis, and heart disease all increase with age. Many cats are also living longer, thanks to better care and an increasingly indoor-only lifestyle. Therefore, the likelihood your cat will experience some form of age-related illness is greater.

Twice a year wellness exams provide our veterinarians with the opportunity to prevent problems before they become too advanced and more difficult to control. Sometimes disease processes may even be detected and treatment started before any physical symptoms arise! The goals of twice yearly wellness exams are to prevent or minimize disease or injury and enhance the quality of your cat's life.

Twice yearly examinations do not necessarily mean that your cat is going to be subjected to a barrage of complicated or costly medical tests and treatments. While same cats may warrant the close monitoring of blood work, x-rays, or other tests, many cats benefit simple from being physically examined, having their heart and lungs listened to, and general health reviewed every six-months. A dental health exam and a weight check are always important parts of a wellness exam, as both conditions may develop problems that can progress rapidly and can have significant impact on your cat's overall health.

Twice yearly wellness exams benefit your cat and you as well. It means an increased opportunity to individually discuss those issues that are of greatest concern to you and for us to share new information as it pertains to your cat's health. Our receptionists, assistants, and doctors here at Felines First Veterinary Hospital are all here to provide the very best care for both you and your cat. Of course, we are always available during office hours by calling



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