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Behavioral Consults


We understand that cats can exhibit behaviors that are both puzzling and challenging for their owners. That's why we offer specialized behavioral consultations to address issues like house soiling, intercat tension/aggression, bully behavior, and furniture scratching,  Our experienced and feline-focused veterinarian delves into the root causes of these behaviors, considering your cat's environment, history, and individual personality. We provide personalized strategies and practical solutions to modify these behaviors, ensuring a harmonious relationship between you and your feline friend. We also offer consultations on how to enrich your cat’s indoor environment and ways to introduce new pets to the household. Whether it's creating a more cat-friendly home environment or introducing behavior modification techniques, our goal is to enhance the wellbeing of both cats and their owners, fostering a peaceful and happy coexistence.


Our consultations are performed by phone or in person after completion of an in-depth questionnaire. A personalized written plan is provided after completion of the consultation. Two months of follow-up are included with the consultation charge.


Please note – in many cases of cats with behavioral concerns, there is often an underlying medical cause. We always recommend a medical examination first to ensure there are no medical concerns that may be contributing to the unwanted behavior(s). Due to the amount of time needed to discuss many behavioral concerns, we do not perform behavior consults at the time of the medical exam.

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